Adrian Garff
Adrian Garff
Appears to be Caucasion
Alive (as injured)
Unnamed mother and father (both deceased)

Adrian Garff is one of the main characters and one of the two main human antagonists in The Mist television show, played by Russell Posner.


Adrian Garff is Bridgeville, Maine's local misfit. He has a strained relationship with his family, especially his father, due to the fact that he wears make up and is attracted to other males - it is (heavily) implied that he is either pansexual or bisexual, as he claims in the first episode that he does not care about the gender of his significant other. Adrian is bullied at school because of this.

Adrian appears to have strong friendship with Alex Copeland, viewing her as a sister and loving her family. When the Mist arrives, he is cut off from his family, joining Kevin (along with Mia and Bryan) in his mission to find Alex and Eve.

However, in later episodes it is revealed that Adrian is not as sane as he seems: he has an unhealthy obsession over Alex and was so possessive of her to the point where he raped her as a way of claiming her and preventing her from being with Jay. He was responsible for framing Jay and the rape of Alex.

When Kelvin found out what Adrian did and swore to make him pay. Adrian managed to knock out Kelvin and left him to die in his own house.

Kelvin managed to reach to the mall and finds Adrian in the hardware store ; much to Adrian's horror then gave him a brutal beating before leaving Adrian to die.

Adrian was last seen in the final episode hiding behind the trunk with Wess and Jonah driving to a military base bloody and brusied.

Personality Edit

Adrian is helpless and incapable, so becoming a victim is the only way out for him to be defended by people. Most of the time, he is always seen being defended by looking like a poor guy suffering an injustice. He is misleading and is capable to do absurd things and forging situations to be defended above all else. This explains why he is considered a despicable sick by his father and probably by his own mother when his father claimed that she took medicine not to feel disgust for him after her death. As it became clear during the episodes, Adrian presented the victimistic behavior from his birth. He is a hypocritical person to the extreme, this becomes evident when he rapes Alex and then pretends to worry emotionally with her hiding the whole scam. Adrian's hypocrisy becomes even clearer when he complains why his father did not show love for him.

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Appears in all the episodes


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