Alex Copeland
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Caucasian American
Eve Copeland (mother)
Kevin Copeland (step-father/legal father)
Connor Heisel (biological father)
Jay Heisel (paternal half-brother:deceased)
Mike Copeland (step-uncle:deceased)

Alex Copeland is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Gus Birney.

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Alex finds Eve and confides in her about Jay, Eve responds telling her she won't have to worry much longer. Alex and her mother arrive to the main area of the mall finding out Gus is planning to add rules, Eve says that she won't follow the rules and she takes Alex with her but Jay asks Alex to tell Eve that he didn't rape her but Eve pulls a gun on Jay infront of Alex. Alex, Eve, Kimmi, Lila, Shelley and the shoe store owner leave the main area bringing supplies with them to a different area of the mall. The episode ends showing Alex making balloons attaching cards saying "We're in the mall. Please help us." She shares them with the others watching them float off into the Mist.

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Appearances: 10/10 Edit

- Pilot

- Withdrawal

- Show and Tell

- Pequod 

- The Devil You Know 

- The Waiting Room (Flashback) 

- Over The River and Through The Woods  

- The Law of Nature 

- The Waking Dream 

- The Tenth Meal