Alex Copeland
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Eve Copeland (Mother)
Kevin Copeland (Step-Father)
Connor Heisel (Father)
Jay Heisel (Half-Brother)

Alex Copeland is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Gus Birney.

Biography Edit


Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

Alex Copeland is introduced a insecure teenage girl


Alex and her mother, Eve inside the mall

falling for the usual jock type, she has a strong connection with her best friend Adrian. Alex goes to the football game with her parents in which she favours her father more than her mother as her mother refuses to let her go to the party. Kevin lets Alex go to the party with Adrian, where she gets drunk and raped assuringly by Jay as Adrian claimed he saw everything. Alex and Eve head to the mall and she calls her mother a slut confronting her past. Alex waits in the car while Eve goes into a mall, later on she calls Kevin and tells him that they are at the Mall and to hurry, but their call is disconnected because of The Mist which later on surrounds the car Alex is in. Alex leaves the car to look around but is pushed past by a guy running in fear, she then finds his dead body with an arm missing. Alex then calls out to her mother while walking through The Mist, she finds Eve and they run back into the mall as Alex tells her something is in the Mist. The two remain by the front door while Miss Carmody pushes past them to leave, Alex warns Miss Carmody and her son to not go out but they ignore her, moments later dying in The Mist. Alex notices Jay is in the mall too.

Withdrawal Edit

Alex remains distraught from the events with Mrs Carmody's death, she then sees Jay watching her so she gets provoked and prefers not to stay in the main area of the mall so she suggests to her mother to go with a woman named Kimmi who offered her a water bottle. Alex travels to another area of the mall with Eve and Kimmi to continue locking up doors while discovering a dead body in a sector of the mall covered in Mist. Alex and Eve return to the main area of the mall to tell Gus and the others what they found, while learning that a radio is in the Mist covered area, they go back. Alex tells the group that there's a drone from the electronic store they can use to scan the area to check if the radio is in the Mist. Later on as the mall group discuss who will gather the radio, Eve is randomly chosen, Alex barely feels sympathetic to Eve as she comforts her mother telling her it's going to be okay as Eve leaves to go into the Mist. Alex is seen sitting with Kimmi while Eve returns from the Mist, hugging her happy she's okay. At the end of the episode Alex and Eve are in sleeping bags under a stair case in the middle of the mall.

Show and Tell Edit

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 7.54.54 pm

Alex looking out into the Mist

While the people in the mall are still confused, Alex sits cross legged looking out into the Mist from behind the doors, Eve tries to talk to her but Alex doesn't even look at her, she then leaves Eve angrily while emotionlessly. Later on in the episode, Alex hangs out with Eve and Kimmi around the sleeping mats, Eve suggests that they move areas in the mall so they stay away from Jay. Eve and Alex discuss to search for blankets and food, however Alex runs into Jay who tries to convince her he didn't rape her, this causes Alex to feel uncomfortable. Alex finds Eve and confides in her about Jay, Eve responds telling her she won't have to worry much longer. Alex and her mother arrive to the main area of the mall finding out Gus is planning to add rules, Eve says that she won't follow the rules and she takes Alex with her but Jay asks Alex to tell Eve that he didn't rape her but Eve pulls a gun on Jay infront of Alex. Alex, Eve, Kimmi, Lila, Shelley and the shoe store owner leave the main area bringing supplies with them to a different area of the mall. The episode ends showing Alex making balloons attaching cards saying "We're in the mall. Please help us." She shares them with the others watching them float off into the Mist.

Pequod Edit


The Waiting Room Edit


Appearances: 10/10 Edit

- Pilot

- Withdrawal

- Show and Tell

- Pequod 

- The Devil You Know 

- The Waiting Room (Flashback) 

- Over The River and Through The Woods  

- The Law of Nature 

- The Waking Dream 

- The Tenth Meal  

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