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Ambrose Cornell
Ambrose Cornwell
Buck Taylor
October 26, 1949, 68
Alive (novella)
Deceased (film)
No known relatives

Ambrose Cornell is an elderly man, and a member of David's group.


Ambrose is one of the patrons trapped in the Grocery Store when the Mist engulfs the town outside, and becomes one of David's group.

He offers to try and go get the shotgun in his pickup's trunk, but David decides against it, as it would mean going out into the Mist.


Ambrose 2

Ambrose discusses the threat Mrs. Carmody's group poses.

On the third day of the phenomenon, Cornell escapes with the rest of David's group from the market, but retreats back to the store in horror when he sees the creatures kill Ollie and Hattie.

His fate is uncertain.


On the third day of the phenomenon, Cornell escapes with the rest of David's group from the market. But during the escape from the market, he, along with Bud and Myron, is separated from the rest of the group when Myron sprains his ankle.


The Gray Widowers attack Ambrose.

When Bud, Myron and Ambrose try to get through the parking lot to David's Land Cruiser, they are attacked by a Gray Widower which kills Myron. Ambrose and Bud then split, and Ambrose becomes lost in the Mist. He is attacked and killed in the parking lot by a pack of Gray Widowers.


  • When Ambrose is attacked by the Gray Widowers, if one listens carefully the Wilhelm Scream is audible.

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