• Paralie Marquena

    I like making this stuff up.  These ideas are assuming the novella does not exist (I know it does, but let's pretend it doesn't).  Think everything from silver screen to straight-to-DVD to television.

    1. It is 4 months later and David is in therapy on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  He slowly puts his life; his sanity back together to become whole again.  
    2. It is 2 months after the aliens were on Earth and David has gotten himself a small condominum and a drinking problem that did not take long to form due to what he went through.  Then, he gets news - based on DNA testing, his son is alive.  However, Billy is now handicapped thanks to David's premature murder and will never speak or walk or go to the bathroom on his own.  Can David get…
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  • TroopDude

    Battle for net neutrality

    September 11, 2014 by TroopDude
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  • Wojti2000


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  • Terell boyd

    terell jermiane boyd wait wait wait it ain t jessup  fault dont send him to the arachni i no who did this terell boyd the miliary wayne jessup terell dont   terell jerminae boyd jessup say out of this  to be continued now back to the mist  terell boyd  like i was sayking the miliary mrs carmody whart about the miliary   

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  • Terell boyd

    Amanda dumfries

    October 10, 2013 by Terell boyd

    I like you Amanda

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  • SingingEarth

    Hi! I'm SingingEarth from the Haven wiki!

    Haven is a show on the Syfy channel that's loosely based on The Colorado Kid. In my work on the Haven wiki, I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    • Stephen King
    • Stephen King bloopers
    • Dark Tower
    • The Mist
    • Under The Dome
    • Haven
    • Dreamcatcher - abandoned
    • The Dead Zone - abandoned

    And these are just the few I found looking for them. Most of these wikis don't show up in a wikia search for "Stephen King".

    I'm hoping that we can link our wikis together. We could create a template linking all the King wikis and put it on our front pages. And, if we have someone technically minded, I think it's even possible to make it so that links from o…

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