Clay Greyson
Teagle F.Bougere
Late 30s-early 40s
African American
Unknown (Likely Deceased)

Clay Gerson is one of the characters in The Mist television show, played by Teagle F. Bougere

Biography Edit

  • Peqoud Clay met Kevin, Bryan, Mia and Adrian at the gas station while he was searching for his son.

Previously, Kevin, Bryan, Mia and Adrian found a young boy dead on the ground with his bike. Clay showed them all a photo of his son and the boy in the photo was the same boy as the one they saw. They didn’t tell him as they thought it would ruin him.

Kevin and the rest needed a car, and Clay was the only person who had a working car. He refused to let them use it, as he needed to find his son.

After being told by Kevin and Mia that his son was dead, he denied it and and walked into the mist to find him, Kevin, Mia, Bryan and Adrian driving away with the car. He presumably died out in the mist.

Appearances: Edit