Kevin Copeland
Kevin Copeland
Early's 36
Caucasian American
Eve Copeland (wife)

Alex Copeland (step-daughter/legal daughter)

Mike Copeland (older brother:deceased)

Kevin Copeland is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Morgan Spector.


Kevin is a former journalist turned children's book writer, he lives with his wife Eve and step daughter Alex in Bridgeville, Maine. Kevin is not the biological father of Alex however Alex's father is still unknown

Against his wife's wishes, he allows their teenage daughter to go to a party. At the party she is drugged and raped; he and his wife are estranged, because of this, when the mist arrives.

When the Mist arrives, Kevin is separated from his wife and daughter, and resolves to find them at all costs.

Kevin then releases 2 prisoners in hope of finding his wife and daughter.

After reunied with his family at the mall, they were kicked out of the mall by the insane mall survivors. Disgusted and enraged by they did to his family. Revengful Kevin drove the humvee as a batter ram as he and the sane survivors reverse the vehicle. Clashing the SUV into the doors of the mall allowing the mist to enter allowing the rest of the mall survivors to die in gruesome deaths.

Satisfied and unremorseful , he and the survivors flee the town.


Appearances: 10/10 Edit

  • Pilot
  • Withdrawal
  • Show and Tell
  • Pequod  
  • The Waiting Room   
  • The Devil You Know  
  • Over The River and Through The Woods  
  • The Law of Nature 
  • The Waking Dream 
  • The Tenth Meal  


The Mist ‘Meet Kevin Copeland’ ft

The Mist ‘Meet Kevin Copeland’ ft. Morgan Spector Character Profile