This article's title is a nickname, based upon conjecture or similar evidence. The correct title is unknown.
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Kip Cummings
Unspecified (Mid to Late 50s)
No known relatives

This man is a follower of Mrs. Carmody.


The man is among the patrons trapped in the grocery store when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. He becomes a follower of Mrs. Carmody after the pharmacy expedition, but does not assist in lynching Private Jessup.

When Mrs. Carmody's followers attempt to sacrifice Billy and Amanda, he cheers them on until Mrs. Carmody is shot. He is right behind Mrs. Carmody and after she is shot, he runs to the far end of the store.

He is briefly seen watching in shock as David's group drive off. Since people from the market are very briefly glimpsed aboard the rescue trucks at the end, it can be assumed that the man was rescued.

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