Michael "Mike" Hatlen
Mike Hatlen
Andy Stahl
No known relatives

Michael Hatlen is a town selectman, and one of the leaders of the market. He is killed by Gray Widowers during the expedition to King's Pharmacy.


Mike Hatlen is one of the patrons trapped inside the Grocery Store when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. He is one of the members of David's group who takes part in the expedition to King's Pharmacy, where he is killed by a Gray Widower's corrosive web strands.

Differences Between the Novella and FilmEdit

  • On the first night, in the film, Mike is the man who was watching a loophole, and scared away from it by a Scorpion-Fly.
  • In the novella, Mike was killed when a Gray Widower lassoed an acidic web strand around his neck, eating into his throat. In the film, Mike was killed when a Gray Widower attacked him and fired an acidic web into Mike's face, which ate into Mike's skull and slowly killed him.


Mike's brutal death.

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