Juan Gabriel Pareja
No known relatives

Morales was a soldier from the Arrowhead base. He and Donaldson committed suicide when they suspected that the Arrowhead Project was the origin of the Mist.



Morales and Donaldson are visiting the local Grocery Store from Shelter Mountain, when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside. The next night, Morales and Donaldson commit suicide by hanging themselves in the loading dock.


Jessup, Morales and Donaldson are on a ten-day leave, and arrive at the local Grocery Store. However, the three are disappointed when an MP from Shaymore arrives to inform them that all leaves are cancelled, and orders the three to meet him back at his jeep in five minutes.

However, Morales, Donaldson and Jessup are trapped inside when the Mist engulfs the town outside the market moments later. The next day, when Jessup elects to join David Drayton and an expedition to King's Pharmacy, Morales and Donaldson try to convince him otherwise; but Jessup, heartbroken by Sally's death the previous night, does not listen.

Later, when Jessup and the few survivors of the expedition to the pharmacy return to the store, the former tells Morales and Donaldson that the MP said "it was their fault." This leads Morales and Donaldson to believe that the Arrowhead Project is the cause of the phenomenon, and the two subsequently hang themselves in the storage room.


Morales and Donaldson's corpses after hanging themselves


  • Juan Gabriel Pareja, who portrayed Morales in the film, portrayed another character of the same name in AMC's The Walking Dead, which is also directed by Frank Darabont.
  • In the original script, he was instead named "John Bisby" but not much else about him has been changed.

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