Nathalie Raven
Nathalie Raven
Caucasian American
Benedict Raven (husband)

Nathalie Raven is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Frances Conroy.


Nathalie lives in Bridgeville, Maine, and is a modern day ecological martyr and acts as a herald for the primal forces of nature. Nathalie has little knowledge, but a lot of faith. Nathalie believes her theory of nature about the black spring however in the Season 1 Finale it is revealed she actually lost her mind

Death Edit

When the Mist is let in the mall, the mist conjures up dead flowers and plants which Nathalie confronts. Nathalie is then confronted by her deceased husband, he carries a dead baby, the baby which was crying from the pilot episode. Nathalie's miscarriage baby suddenly awakes and cries, she starts breastfeeding the baby causing Nathalie to age at rapid pace. The baby sucks the life out of her as her face deforms falling into her husbands lap as he shows sadness


The Mist 'Meet Nathalie Raven' ft01:55

The Mist 'Meet Nathalie Raven' ft. Frances Conroy Character Profile

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