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Norm Spellman
Chris Owen
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Norm is the 18-year-old Grocery Store bag-boy and one of the first to be killed by the creatures in the Mist.


Norm was the 18-year-old bagboy at the Grocery Store and is trapped inside when the Mist appears and engulfs the town outside.

When a Tentacle blocks the generator exhaust pipe, Norm is anxious to be the one to go out into the mist through the loading door to unblock it, but when the loading door is opened, a swarm of the Tentacles from Planet X attack Norm; dragging him out through the open shutter while slowly eating him alive. Presumably, Norm is subsequently killed out in the mist when the Tentacles completely devour him.


David DraytonEdit


Norm is dragged off by the Tentacles.

Norm was shown to quickly become frustrated by David's fear that there were dangerous creatures in the mist.

Jim GrondinEdit

Norm was apparently on good terms with Jim and appeared to try and impress Jim and Myron and prove himself to them.

Myron LaFleurEdit

Norm was apparently on good terms with Myron and appeared to try and impress Jim and Myron and prove himself to them.


  • In the novella, Norm's apron is ripped off by a Tentacle which disappears back into the mist with it. In the film, Norm's apron mysteriously vanishes while he is attacked by the Tentacles.

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