Show and Tell
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date July 13, 2017
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Show and Tell

Pequod is the fourth episode of The Mist.


Kevin's group crosses paths with a man whose vehicle still runs. Nathalie and Romanov spar over faith. The mall endures another grisly death.



  • Characters note that the Mist seems to react to the presence of people, thickening when people are around but thinning out when they are not in it (on the other side of glass in a building or a car, etc.).
    • The Mist apparently doesn't react to corpses the same way as it does to living people. The bodies left outside didn't make it get thicker.
  • This episode takes place about two days after the Mist came, based on Clay's comment that he hasn't slept in two days.
  • Most cars stopped working because of the Mist. When Mia tries to hotwire a car it won't start, not just because the battery isn't running. Clay still has a working car and explains he thinks its because he bought it from a survivalist who said it was ruggedized, so that it doesn't have any modern circuit-boards in it. Apparently the Mist shorted out all of the modern cards with electronics in them after a few hours, like an EMP burst. In the novella, the Mist somewhat similarly has a dampening effect on radio waves.