Show and Tell
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date July 13, 2017
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Show and Tell
Pequod is the fourth episode of The Mist.


Kevin's group crosses paths with a man whose vehicle still runs. Nathalie and Romanov spar over faith. The mall endures another grisly death.


Kevin, Bryan, Mia and Adrian make a run for the car, leaving the relative safety of the church behind them. Outside, Kevin trips over a bicycle, and when he turns back he sees the dead and somewhat leathery corpse of the rider on the ground. They make it to the car, but even after hotwiring the car it doesn’t work at all. They have to make a run for it.

At the mall, one of the women wants to get out. She’s having a panic attack so Gus comes up with a distraction. Gus and his crew hand out board games to the frightened guests, who delight in the very welcome distraction. He gives Jay a football and say that the other teens won’t deny the star quarterback a game. Sure enough, a game of catch gets going. Jay gets into a discussion with some of the other teens who aren’t so thrilled about his presence after what they think he did to Alex. Upset, he tosses the ball toward an open storefront, and surprisingly it’s Alex that picks it up and tosses it back to him. They exchange a look, one that seems to say that they aren’t upset at each other. Alex walks away.

Father Romanov is playing the piano when Link walks in. Romanov admits that he doesn’t know what he just saw outside. His faith is challenged and he wonders how many people would die in the church if they were all judged in that very moment. Romanov says it’s his duty to save them, but he’s scared.

Nathalie is on the ground looking for someone when Romanov gathers the crowd. Nathalie waves him off. He tells the group that they know him too well for him to preach to them at that moment. He thinks Judgement Day is upon them, and he laughs because he likes normal day to day things and has never really been a “Judgement Day” guy. He hopes they will be saved, but he wants to help them be saved. They pray. He invites Nathalie to the group, but Nathalie says the moth is a friend of hers. She landed on her hand in her garden.

Kevin and company head to a gas station. It’s deserted, or so they think. A car pulls up outside and stops. They watch as he gets out and pulls a gun on them. He’s wearing a gas mask. He needs gas. He recognizes Kevin as Eve’s husband. His name is Clay and he has a kid in Eve’s class and he’s out looking for him. He shows a picture to Kevin, who doesn’t tell him that he looks like the boy who was dead outside the church. They all look at the picture and deny seeing him.

Clay says he hasn’t slept in two days. Mia tells him to put the car in the garage. As soon as he does, he falls asleep. Mia wants to know why they’re lying to him. Kevin promises to talk to him.

Nathalie takes a book from the shelf and then discovers Connor sitting on the stairs. He’s upset that he let people escape from the church and everyone saw him fail to apprehend them. She reassures him. Romanov comes in and says there will be food available soon.

Eve and Alex are sitting with other families in the darkened mall. Alex tells the little girl Lila about the story her father told her, and she offers to take the little girl to the bookstore to get the book. Eve tells Kimi that Alex adores her father, and Kimi guesses that things are not good in their marriage. Eve says that Kevin is a great person and he loves Alex, but she’s upset that his love is what put her in danger with Jay.

Romanov speaks to his group, and he tries to connect with Nathalie. She spies a spider and says it’s what she was looking for. The spider is massive and full of eggs. She gathers it in a jar and says thank you.

Kevin finds Clay and tells him that dinner is ready. Clay apologizes for the gun, but the cars aren’t working but a few are, and the one he has still does. It’s old, which might explain why it works. He says his son Toby loves it. He bought it from a survivalist who cleaned it out so there is no technology in it. Kevin asks if Clay could drive them to the mall, but he’s low on gas and he needs every drop to find his son. Kevin tells him to sleep on it.

At the mall’s bookstore, Alex and the lila search for the book in mind. They find it, then they settle into a cozy reading corner and read.

Ted and Vic have a plan to harpoon the shopping carts back inside. The first try works, but the second line gets stuck. Ted goes out to retrieve it while Vic holds the line, but the line snaps. Vic can hear something outside rattling the shopping cart. Suddenly the door breaks open.

Alex hears the noise and goes to see what it is. The door was behind the bookstore, and soon Vic runs in, the Mist right behind him. Alex gathers Lila and they turn to see a creature in the Mist. Jay and the other people in the mall hear Vic and come running.

Gus and the people in the mall see the Mist monster in the bookstore. They stare, horrified, as the monster attaches to the little girl and kills her. It retreats deeper inside and finds Alex, who doesn’t back away. As the moms weep, Alex steps out, unharmed. She says she fought it, but it doesn’t look like it.

Nathalie scouts the church for bugs while Romanov and Connor discuss her health. Romanov is concerned for her soul, that she’ll be judged for idolatry for worshipping bugs. Connor says it felt like the Mist knew him. He goes to help Nathalie gather bugs.

The next day Kevin finds Clay getting ready to leave. Mia and Bryan come in and reveal to him that they saw his son at the church and he was dead. Clay doesn’t want to believe it, and he thinks they’re after his car and made it all up. Mia tells Kevin to reveal the truth. Clay will listen to Kevin. Kevin admits hiding this information from Clay and telling them not to tell him. Bryan tackles Clay and Mia wants to shoot Clay. Clay shoots Bryan accidentally.

Vic apologizes for what happened. He’s handcuffed and they have him at the door. Zoe thinks anyone who jeopardizes the group should be cast out. Gus decides that they should vote. Only a few people vote to forgive him, and the majority are in favor of casting him out for breaking the rules. Gus decides to give him a backpack with three days of provisions. And a weapon.

Nathalie talks to the spider, and it is scaring everyone else. She says Mother Earth would never hurt people on purpose. Link says she is worshipping false gods and shouldn’t be in the church. He reminds Father Romanov that he was able to reach him so maybe he can reach her. He tells her to kill the spider so save herself. Romanov claims to be doing this to help her. He grabs the jar and kills the spider, and Nathalie is torn apart. Connor doesn’t like what Romanov has done.

Once Vic has his supplies, he is cast out. He says this isn’t right, but Gus reminds him that it’s what they voted for. Once outside, Vic heads out into the Mist. He looks back and curses the people watching at the door. "FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU!"

Nathalie tries to scoop up the spider eggs while Romanov explains his actions to the congregation. Connor sits back. When Nathalie says she wants to explain what’s happening, Romanov says no one is interested, but Connor is. The baby spiders are crawling everywhere in the jar.

A small memorial is held for the Lila. Alex says she lied. She didn’t fight, she waited for it to kill her but it only looked at her and then left. She wants to know why it didn’t want her.

The people in the mall watch as Shelly, the girl’s mom, walks out. She doesn’t want to be near Alex and Eve anymore.Jay watches. Shelley tells him he was right, and that Alex is a liar.

Kevin wants Clay to come with them but Clay wants to keep looking for his son. He stays behind as everyone gets into the car and drives away.


  • Characters note that the Mist seems to react to the presence of people, thickening when people are around but thinning out when they are not in it (on the other side of glass in a building or a car, etc.).
    • The Mist apparently doesn't react to corpses the same way as it does to living people. The bodies left outside didn't make it get thicker.
  • This episode takes place about two days after the Mist came, based on Clay's comment that he hasn't slept in two days.
  • Most cars stopped working because of the Mist. When Mia tries to hotwire a car it won't start, not just because the battery isn't running. Clay still has a working car and explains he thinks its because he bought it from a survivalist who said it was ruggedized, so that it doesn't have any modern circuit-boards in it. Apparently the Mist shorted out all of the modern cards with electronics in them after a few hours, like an EMP burst. In the novella, the Mist somewhat similarly has a dampening effect on radio waves.