The shadow creature is a monster appearing in The Mist TV series.


History Edit

When Ted and Vick attempt to retrieve the bodies of the soldiers who had committed suicide from outside the Bridgeville Mall, Ted is killed (presumably by the shadow creature) and his mutilated body is thrown through the glass exit door, smashing it and causing the mist to flood into the mall. As Vic escapes, the mist envelops the bookstore where Alex is reading to Lyla, and the shadow creature appears in front of Lyla, killing her.

The shadow creature then appears in front of Alex, but she escapes, claiming that she fought it off. She later reveals that the creature had in fact spared her for unknown reasons.

Anatomy Edit

The shadow creature appears to be made out of pure shadow, with few discernible features other than a vaguely human-like form. It makes sounds similar to screeching and growling, and appears to have the ability to teleport. Its method of killing involves latching onto a victim's face and "infecting" them with shadow, killing the victim. Its appearance resembles that of a phantom. It may also be the only creature (so far encountered) that actually roams the Mist, as all other creatures sighted were manifestations of their victims psyche.

Trivia Edit

  • The shadow creature's appearance and behavior resemble those of Dementors, creatures from the Harry Potter novels and movies.
  • The shadow creature didn't eat the corpses outside because it only sucks the life out of humans as their corpses were lifeless