Shelley DeWitt
Shelley DeWitt
Alexandra Ordolis
Early to mid 30s
Lila DeWitt (Daughter)
Shelley Dewitt is a major recurring character in Season 1 of The Mist television show. Played by Alexandra Ordolis and was one of the members trapped in the mall.

Biograpy Edit

Shelley Dewitt and her daughter quickly befriend Alex and Eve in the mall, however when an incident occurs with the mist faulting her daughter, Lila's death, she quickly opposes Alex and Eve as Alex survived the Mist. Shelley becomes paranoid and convinces the mall survivors that Alex and Eve are behind the Mist, however this leads to her demise as she is smashed in the head by a candle stick and then choked by Gus as she was too dangerous to the group.

Death Edit


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