I like making this stuff up.  These ideas are assuming the novella does not exist (I know it does, but let's pretend it doesn't).  Think everything from silver screen to straight-to-DVD to television.

  1. It is 4 months later and David is in therapy on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  He slowly puts his life; his sanity back together to become whole again.  
  2. It is 2 months after the aliens were on Earth and David has gotten himself a small condominum and a drinking problem that did not take long to form due to what he went through.  Then, he gets news - based on DNA testing, his son is alive.  However, Billy is now handicapped thanks to David's premature murder and will never speak or walk or go to the bathroom on his own.  Can David get through this and manage to be a good father to Billy or will he need to give him up?
  3. The aliens break through the barriers the army has sealed up and kill the survivors.  David manages to run, and run, and realizes in a few days that underwater, he can breathe and the Mist is not there.  Underwater, he finds a colony of people who had the same thought and must adjust to seashell houses, rain in the form of bubbles, and making fish friends.  He is fine, but after a few weeks, wants to go up to the Mist again.
  4. David's goes back to his house to clean and give his wife a burial.  However, he finds out she is barely alive, but still alive.  However, she seems pregnant with aliens.  He calls the army, who save her.  But, now that she is back, he needs to explain how he murdered Billy.
  5. David believes if Mrs. Carmody had not been so crazy, they all would have remained in the store and quickly gotten help, as was seen happening in the movie's end.  He blames her for all, and then, as luck would have it, David learns of Mrs. Carmody's twin, who is completely deaf and almost blind due to a difficult birth.  He takes her and she becomes his way of being able to stick it to Mrs. Carmody. Meanwhile, him and the fellow store survivors are attending daily group therapy together and becoming better friends, and it's only a matter of time before people realize David's sinister abuse with the frequent house get togethers and impromptu drop-ins...

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