Erik Knudsen
early-mid 20s
No known relatives
Vic is one of the main characters in The Mist television show, played by Erik Knudsen.

Season 1 Edit

Plot Edit

After he endangers the malls populous by letting a creature inside the mall he is kicked out as to avoid any more issues. Later on in the series, he encounters Kevin Copeland. After Kevin is betrayed by Adrian and believed dead by Vic and the others, Vic stays behind due to a satellite dish he believes he can salvage in order to improve his radio.

Vic reunites with Kevin and the two stick together in their journey to the mall. They decide on a plan which involves moving from house to house to avoid the mist and reach the mall, however upon reaching one house Vic and Kevin are attacked by an Arrowhead member. They make it out alive and with the military vehicle as well. As Kevin enters the mall, Vic remains in the car.

As the rest of the characters pile into the car and escape the mall, the group comes across a train that was seemingly populated. Vic suggests they go investigate and find help. Luckily, the group decides against this and instead stays in the car, watching in horror as many people are thrown out of the train by soldiers.

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